What is PCIC energy?

PCIC energy is THE forum for the exchange of experience in the practical application of electricity and automation in the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, including all upstream and downstream activities.

Experts from:

  • end-users 
  • engineering companies and manufacturers 
  • contractors 
  • certification authorities 
  • standardization organizations 
  • regulation bodies

Will present contributions with the intention to inform attendees about their experience and recent progress.
 The subjects selected for the conference are issued from lessons learnt out of field experiences. The presentation provides immediate benefits to attendees and also offer to the authors an international recognition. The best papers are published in IEEE magazines.

PCIC energy Strategies

  1. The PCIC energy Annual Conferences will be held in locations of industry strength, and its location will be rotated annually in an effort to attract national and international participation.
  2. PCIC energy will proactively promote participation by a broad base of PCIC energy representatives, with an emphasis on both younger and senior engineers.
  3. Attendees will be encouraged to participate in technical activities including authorship of papers and participation in IEC standards development including IECEx.
  4. The quality of PCIC energy papers is essential for the PCIC energy mission and is given highest priority. Application oriented papers are given priority.
  5. The technical content of the PCIC energy Annual Conferences will be continuously evaluated and updated to reflect the evolving needs of the industry.
  6. Participation of users, manufacturers, consultants and contractors will be encouraged in the activities of PCIC energy to strengthen the conference technical base.
  7. PCIC energy will offer tutorials directed towards enhancing the technical, communication, and interpersonal skills of petroleum and chemical industry engineers.